Flipgrid, Edpuzzle, Screencastify, Oh My!

                                            Flipgrid, Edpuzzle, Screencastify, Oh My!

Technology is fascinating and teachers are always trying to find the latest and greatest. Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Flipgrid, Edpuzzle, and Screencastify are three of the best tools for all ages of learners and easily accessible by teachers and students alike! Check out all of the details on these great tech platforms!


Looking for something original for your students? Flipgrid is totally the way to go. This platform allows students to respond in various prompts by using short videos of themselves. They can trim them, add stickers, and even take a selfie to use as the cover shot. The process is super simple and easy to follow. 

A few more tips to get started:

  • Your classes are called “grids” and students are given a code to join!

  •  When you post a topic, you control all aspects. 

  • There are various filters, you control student responses to one another and you can even preview videos before they post to your class. 

  • You can even link outside sources to your topics and students can do the same if they need support for what they are discussing!

  • You can check out the “Disco Library” for premade prompts to share with your class. 

Here are a few ideas on ways to use Flipgrid in your class!

  1. Build student portfolios. Allow students to reflect on their work by explaining what they have learned through the process. What a valuable tool!

  2. Reteaching! Mastery happens when you can teach someone else. Allow students an option of creating a video teaching a concept to prove they understand it fully!

  3. Guest Speakers! You can invite authors or really any valuable speaker to join and have conversations with your students through Flipgrid!

  4. Vocabulary work! Students record videos for their classmates defining new vocabulary words. This packs a punch in the learning department.

  5. Exit tickets get a brand new look! What a great way to reflect on what students have learned by using videos

  6. Speaking standards are definitely covered by using this tool!

  7. Icebreakers! What better way to meet your students! One of the classics is would you rather questions and you can find them in the library of resources already created!

  8.  Book Reviews! Check out the blog post: WAYS TO USE FLIPGRID TO SHOWCASE BOOKS to read even more about how to do this on Flipgrid!


Edpuzzle.com is this exceptional tool that uses YouTube videos, Ted Talks,  Khan Academy, and your very own videos to teach all of your standards! The best part of Edpuzzle is the customized questions. There are editing tools that allow you to add the questions wherever you want students to stop and think and they are absolutely required for the student to move on. You can make multiple choice or short answer. There is also the option to copy videos from other Edpuzzle users (your own school included). You can copy videos with questions or without, but don’t worry if the questions don’t fit what you need, you can just edit them in your copy of the video!

Here are few of my favorite ways to use Edpuzzle:

  1. Teaching plot elements, or characterization with short animated videos. Think Pixar shorts or short CGI films! Check out, “Don’t Croak” by Daun Kim or “First Comes Love” by Daniel Ceballos for all of your plot needs! 

  2. Use music mashups to teach poetic elements. There are a bunch of already created YouTube videos to choose from!

  3. Edpuzzle videos are also great for substitute plans and engaging for the students too!

  4. Instructional videos created by me as a resource they can rewatch over and over again!

Edpuzzle takes the art of using videos to teach to the next level with the ability to use questions, edit and cut videos and there is even an option for voiceover. Check it out at: Edpuzzle


Oh my, this one is a staple in my teaching as well. Screencastify is a simple to use video recording tool. It simply records your screen as you are talking. Google Slides works well for this, but you can show anything on your screen! You can opt to use the camera option and you will appear on the screen as you talk through your lesson. The free version does limit how many minutes you have, but the paid version is completely unlimited. 

If you have ever thought about any of the following, you need screencastify:

  • Have you ever thought about flipping your classroom? You will need screencastify. These can be the instructional videos students watch at home to work the next day.

  • If you ever wanted to use instructional videos for students to work in stations with, screencastify is your new best friend. 

  • Ever wanted your own YouTube channel of resources? Use screencastify to create them!

  • Have a  substitute in the room, but want your students to hear your lesson? Screencastify it is!

  • If you want to use  Edpuzzle,  but with your own videos, you can screencastify and upload then upload them into Edpuzzle and add your custom questions!

The possibilities are endless with
Flipgrid, Edpuzzle and Screencastify. Using them all together in your teaching will put you at the top of your game and make our students excited about learning. Oh my!

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