7 Reasons Why You Should Download the App Libby

As an English teacher, one could imagine the amount of money I’ve spent on books in a lifetime. Take that number and multiply it by 3. I have a bookstore problem, which about 10 years ago became an ebook problem, and about a year and a half ago it became an audible problem. Books are expensive and most of the time I read a book only once. I do frequent my local library but the popular books always have a waitlist and I can be impatient. Also, it’s so convenient to download a new book on my Nook (I’m supporting a bookstore instead of a website) or on my audible app anytime I want.

About a year ago I was introduced to the app Libby. Libby is a free app that you download and create an account with your library card. You can use the Libby app or you can view the books on your Kindle or the Kindle app. There’s a workaround to get the books on your Nook but it involves your computer and a program called Adobe Digital Editions so I generally don’t do it. It’s faster to just use the Libby app. With the Libby app, you can download ebooks and audiobooks for FREE using your library card.

Reasons Why You Need Libby:

1. It’s FREE!!!! I’ve spent a small fortune on ebooks and audiobooks and I rarely read/listen to them more than once. Audible is great and if you’re a teacher and you want to use the audiobook every school year you might want to own the audiobook. If you’re reading/listening for fun you should consider Libby. It has definitely saved me some money in the past year.
2. It doesn’t use data. I have a bit of a commute to work and I listen to audiobooks in the car. I simply download the audiobook when I’m on wifi and then it simply plays on my phone without using data in the car. It does use my battery of course but I don’t have to worry about going over my data.
3. You don’t have to worry about late fees. After 14 days the book disappears from your device. Just like regular library materials you can renew them if no one is waiting. If there is a waitlist (this is mostly for newer materials and best sellers) they email you when it’s your turn.
4. You can’t lose or damage an ebook. We’ve all lost a book or damaged a book. We’re human. Last year I had a water bottle open in my bag and ruin a $30 library book. With Libby, you don’t need to worry about replacement costs.
5. If you want a book in the middle of the night you can get it. You don’t have to worry about library hours, bookstore hours or waiting to get a book in the mail. That’s great news for my fellow insomniacs.
6. You always have your phone on you. How many times have you been stuck waiting for someone or something? Instead of wasting time, you can pull out your phone and continue reading/listening to your book. You are more likely to have your phone on you than that bulky 500-page book you’re reading.
7. It’s great for traveling. I love to read on flights and who wants to take 2 or 3 books on vacation? With airlines charging more for luggage than in the past, we’re all trying to pack light. Having a small device is more convenient than carrying a few books.

Some people might say “Libby doesn’t have every book” which is true but you can always make suggestions for books at your local library. If it’s a 50-year-old book that no one has ever heard of they might not order it but you don’t know unless you ask. I’m not saying that I spent $0 on books since I started using this app but I have cut down tremendously on my spending.


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